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You Can Print this Page for the Schedule of the Reunion.

Roadway Inn has reserved 20 rooms (ask for Koonce Family Reunion Group) 2502 W Loop 306 Ph 325-944-2578 The Rooms are 70 a night..

Friday Contact
Velinda Potts 325-949-0277
6:00 PM Velinda will be in charge of decorations. Jerry & Debbie, Johnny, Rena, Clay assisting
Setup 3:00PM Louie and Evelyn in charge of meal setup Charles & Loretta
Water, Ice Tea, Lemon-aid Will be provided
Register for the Golf Tournament. This helps us with the Teams. Randy & Gearl
Friday night we will have dancing and visiting.  
Breakfast (8:00 AM Coffee only) No food Johnny Koonce
Golf Tournament June 18th tee off 8 AM Golf scramble. Everyone is invited and if you forgot your clubs then clubs will be provided. Bentwood Golf Course. $40.00 Per person W/carts. Contact
Gearl Koonce 512-869-4585
Gary Koonce will have a boat to give rides, Saturday Morning until 4PM. If any one has a boat or Jet Ski or Water bike bring it. Please bring a Life Jacket if you want to go in the boat. Gary only has so many Life Jackets. Contact Gary Koonce
Lunch 12:00 PM Norman Koonce Family Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Potatoe Salad, Fruit, & Setup. Norman Koonce 432-563-0239
Anyone who wants to go downtown antique shopping or to Fort Concho Days,
Brandon & Claire Texas Holdem Poker @ 2:00 PM After Lunch.
There will be a game trailor for the Kids
Kim Koonce Games for the KIDS
4:00 PM Talent Show Reagan Whishart
Camera 6:30 PM Family Picture taken by Charlie Seligman. Right before Dinner. Charlie does a great job and the photos can be downloaded and used for family portrait. Contact
Charlie Seligman 512-858-1993
  Johnny & Charles are cooking the meat. Red Koonce Family has the Meal Setup. Contact Rena Harris 432-458-3762
History of the Koonce Family--------Johnny Koonce if johnny can make it.
Saturday Night Auction
Breakfast will start at 9:00 AM Red Koonce Family will have the Breakfast Contact
Rena Harris 432-458-3762
Praise and Woship starting after breakfast. 10:30AM
Randy, Rena, Dena, and others will be doing the service.
Randy Koonce 432-894-0835
11:00 AM An Accounting of Money and Vote on the Next yr. & Officers. Clean up after Meeting! Johnny Koonce

Those that live closer bring deserts or snacks (cookies, cakes, candy) whatever you want to bring.

Every one else bring what you can.
Clean up after each night is reserved for everyone the more that help the sooner we can go to bed. Thank you for all the help!!!!!!!If you would like to help in any area Please contact anyone on the list or just showup and help.

Please RSVP email or Call Clay & Rena Harris or Randy Koonce it will help on the amount of People. So we can plan the amount of Food and Utensils. Clay and Rena Harris
Recognitions: Clay and Rena to get food..., Charlie sound & family picture, Randy piano & notification family, Charles & Jerry cooking meat, Johnny (coffee & meat), Velinda & Loretta & Kim & Debbie decoration, Louie getting the facility, Robert keeping up with auction money, Reagan & Mitzi kids stuff, Gary and Cindy boat stuff, Gearl Golf Scramble, Clay,Rena,Janna, auction....Everyone cleaning up

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